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Morganas Altered Books
Free Info and Ideas to get you started


Summer Solstice Art and Spirituality Retreat 2004
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Free Info and Ideas to get you started
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Well if you've gotten to this page then im thinking you must be interested.What is an Altered Book you ask.Im glad you asked me.
DEFINITION: An altered book is an existing book that has been changed or altered .... "glued, painted, collaged, rubber stamped, cut, torn, or added to. It is an expression of one's self, a piece of art, an experiment or a conversation piece."
Below i have compiled a list of items i feel that you need to get started.I know what your thinking."Your an Artist of course you have tons of great stuff lying arounf.The truth is i have two Art Studios one is where i create my Handmade Book Of Shadows and' greet my clients.Its full of Artsy stuff.The other one is in my home and is about a 12 wide 6 long space that has very little.There simply is not enough space(hoping to build something this summer).
What i have done is listed things that i needed to much stuff and you will be overwhelemd to little and you cant get in the groove. So enjoy all the info.

Book (of course)
Glue Sticks Elmers (grab the cheap ones)
Old Credit card,phone card,bank card(smoothing out the creases)
Set of E-Xacto Knives
Old Magazines for Emphera
Images ( free on the net )
floral stuff
bits of paper
Just about anything goes.Always think thrift shop first.
Acrylic Paints
Water Paints
Tissue Paper
Card Stock
Handmade paper
Rubber Stamps
Gel Medium
Mod Podge
Little Bottles
Bits of stuff you find out doors
Corn Husks
Paint Brushes
MAtch Boxes
Alatoid Tins
Tags ( i make my own from card stock)
Old Makeup
Plaster Of Paris
Interesting Stones
Bingo Cards
Scrabble Peices
Free Clip Art
Free Fonts
Used Laundry Dryer Sheets
Diaper Wipes ( not used hehe )
Bondi Paper(paper on one side glue on the other)
Think always of the thrift store and recycle from home there are tons of things sitting around.Think about how you can incorporate them into your Art.Ive included the fancy and expensive as well as the non.Visit E-ay and see what they have.Visit the links ive provided you with.But get started creating today.Its a beautiful Art and you will be glad you did.

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