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Summer Solstice Art and Spirituality Retreat 2004
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Hello and welcome to my world of Altered Books,Tins,Tags and C.D.'s..Since discovering Altered Books ive come full cirlce in my life as an Artist.Being a Book Artist for 15 years is wonderful but i was getting a bit tired of the old and looking for a different way of expressing my-self.I love creating and do so each day.Altered Books has given me a new way of enjoying the Book Arts and im looking forward to the many years to come creating.I have joined a wonderful group called Altered Books the link for it is in my Favorite Links section.Do be sure to check it out.It is a wonderful group of fantastic Artists who enjoy this Art as much as i do.I have learned so much since joining.I have participated in a RR and am now hosting a Paranormal Romance RR of my own.Im so excited to get started and cannot wait untill the mailing date.
If you are new to Altered Books then check out the free info and techniques page.Ive added a list of must haves to start and A.B.I do beleive that a book and your imagination is essential there are other things that are essential as well.Since no-one else gives you a list(i could never find one) i decided to.These are items that you need from basic to exotic.Ive also added new things i have learned as well as advice ive been given,Start a book today and enjoy the World Of Freedom in an Aletered Book form.
Dont stop there do the tags,tins,cd's and though i havent listed them dolls as well.I hope to do some one day and will add them to a page when i do.Sit back relax and enjoy my site.
These pages are copyrighted please dont steal my art and ideas.If i happen to see them somewhere i will prosecute.All of my work has a certificate as i sell my work as well.

"Have you seen my mind? I think I've lost it..."

What's New?

Will be adding more photos from my Paranormal Romance RR soon.

Earth Magic

Morganas Landing Handmade One Of A Kind Book Of Shadows

Please be sure to copy the URL in your browser window as clicking on the link above will take you to my other site.For some reason ive not been able to put a link from my other site to go back to this one.