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Morganas Landing
All About Me


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Ive been creating One Of A Kind Book Of Shadows and Grimoires for 10 years.As an Artist with a Masters Degree from NYU i feel privilaged to be given a gift to share with others.

I hail from a very long line of Witch's my family practiced in the Celtic and Druid paths.My own personal journey has been one of self discovery and to find a path that suited me.Im sure that from reading my spells section you see that i lean towards a Kitchen Witch.My journey has not finished and im still learning every-day.That is why i have created a Book Of Shadows that is suitable for the beginner as well as the seasoned practioner.

I am the Earth Element and i practice not only Kitchen Magic but Elemental Magic as well.I have always felt that you should work with objects that are in your element as it has always been where my Magick is strongest.My family was blessed with the Sight to know things were going to happen before they did.I was also blessed with the ability to control the elements.Although i try to remember that we need the rain when it comes and that i should deal with it.Sometimes i just dont want soggy hair.Working with Elements should always be done after much studying.I guess you could also say im a bit odd i love Gothic and Horror fantasy.Ive been told im a bit on the wild side or maybe to quite and i enjoy my own company.I love unusual things and look for new hardware for my books which will reflect that. I also like Gnomes which are some-times hard to meet and i have my own house spirit.I love herbs and divination and work with tools that i have created my self.I guess this is enough about me see you soon.

My Should Be A Pic Of My Studio but isnt

This is not a pic of my studio this is one that lycos provided for me.But i hope to have one up pretty soon so check back

My E-mail

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who attended my showing last week and wrote to tell me how much you loved my art work.For those of you on my mailing list i will be sending out my calendar of events next week.Be sure to check often as sometimes i do have cancelations on orders.

My Studio

Here is a picture of studio.

A door frame; Size=240 pixels wide

Morganas Landing

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