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Morganas Landing
F A Q's


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The questions below are the ones most often asked of my BOS 's If you still have additional questions please e-mail and let me know.


Q.What are your Book Of Shadows made from.
     ie Wood or Binders?
Q.What are the covers made from ie embellishments ect.?
Q.Your BOS's come with spells and rituals that are from your own BOS can any-one perform these spells and do they work.
Q.Ive looked at other BOS's for sale on the web and they donot include Handmade personal BOS's for sale ie the way i want them.They also dont offer ones with info they are always blank and quite plain.Why do you offer to create them handmade and with all the info.
Q.How long does it take when i order one from start to finish to receive my BOS.

A.My BOS are made from solid Oak or Birch
A.I use many different mediums in creating my BOS's for more answers read the My Creations section.
A.The spells and rituals in my BOS have been handed down for generations.I cannot personally guarantee that they will work.I feel that it depends on the Witch
A.I love Wicca and indeed all the paths,i also wanted to share my spells with others.I feel that when you have a BOS that is created just for you,and created with your likes then you have something that is unique just the way we are all unique.I use colors and crystals that work best for you when performing magic.Sometimes beads and symbols.I also happen to be the only Book Artist on the web that offer's a personal BOS with spells.
A.Normally it takes around 4 weeks once payment has been received.You can read more about this in the My Creations section

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